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Knowing what awaits your trek is essential in kicking off your Rinjani adventure. The Gunung Rinjani National park covers 41,330 hectares revolving a 2700 metre high volcano caldera with one side elevating to the summit at 3726 metres. Tropical flora and fauna along with animal wildlife can be seen throughout this majestic park with a changing lanscape of rain forest, savannah and rocky mountain peaks. Within the crater is a phenomenal panoramic with an enclosed volcano lake – ‘Lake Segara Anak’. In the middle of the caldera sits the smaller, still active, cinder cone of the volcano which last erupted in 2010. At the lakes edge are natural hot springs and an ideal spot to go swimming in the lake.

At a height of 3,726m, Rinjani is the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia. It dominates the landscape of Lombok, Bali’s sister island. Climbing to the peak of Gunung Rinjani is an exhilarating experience. Within Rinjani’s 50 kmĀ² caldera ‘Lake Segara Anak’ is a spiritual place for the locals. We are lucky to be able to trek through this wonder of nature and encourage our guests to take part in preserving the park. The revenue from tourism and entry fees is needed to maintain an eco tourism, which Rudy Trekker is a big part of. The fees are used for conservation, management and maintenance of the park to ensure its sustainability.




At Rudy Trekker, we provide your essential camping gear including your own tent, sleeping bag, mattress & pillow along with a toilet tent (you’ll love us for this), heaps of food & plenty of drinks for the hike. These items will be carried and set up by our porters. We recommend that you bring a light day pack with you with clothes for sunny, windy, cold and rainy weather. Chances are you will encounter all four.

We understand that many travellers are coming from a beach vacation, so we’ve got some trekking attire including extra pants, jackets, beanies, gloves and trekking shoes for your convenience in our extras wardrobe. We will also provide you with trekking poles and a torch the evening before your trek.

For your own safety, please bring your own first aid kit including any medication you may need, band aids, blister band aids, first aid cream, sunscreen etc. and additional snacks to have on the hike. Chocolate biscuits are a surprising source of energy when you’re exhausted on the mountain!

Click here for a full equipment list. For extra infos head to our Frequently Asked Questions.




The Rinjani National Park is a magnificent natural phenomenon that will keep you in awe. Your trek will be a once in a lifetime adventure. However, it is important to know that a general level of fitness is important for the trek. Depending on the choice of your trek and the weather, you may be walking up a steep savanna in glaring sunlight for hours, hiking down a muddy tropical rain forest trek in the rain and climbing up small rocks. Don’t underestimate the mountain, but don’t fear it either.

The Rinjani trekking packages are challenging but doable. Know that our guests range from school kids to professional trekkers to grandparents. If you are generally sporty and have the will to climb Rinjani, then chances are you will have a challenging hike but most certainly a most wonderful time. Our guides are there to help you when you do struggle. Please let us know before you book your trek if you suffer from any medical conditions and we will let you know if the trek is for you.




Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or a meat-lover, we will provide you with great food on the trek. Our porters will not only be carrying all the equipment, but will also be taking care of nourishing your body on the trek. They are quite the chefs! From an Indonesian nasi goreng to a chicken curry, omelet, banana pancake or spaghetti bolognese, we will surprise you with healthy meals on the hike to keep your energy levels up. We also provide tea, coffee & a delicious hot chocolate with breakfast and have snacks like chocolate cookies to spike your blood sugar levels with energy on the hike. You can also pack some own food for trekking, like cookies, snacks & granola bars for quick energy. We cater to all allergies, so please let us know with your booking if you have any dietary requests.

If you would like to see more food pictures, head over to our photo gallery and see some of the amazing dishes our guides and porters have dished up.


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