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About Us of Rudy Trekker

Trek our Rinjani Mountain, Diving our wild marine, Explore our Komodo dragon, Cruise our pristine seawater, Camping in our pure amazing nature, Immerse Lombok and beyond unique culture, wander our wilderness and that is all about us to serve you an adventure of vacation of your dreams. Rudy Trekker rise to help you find the great exception for your Lombok Island and beyond travel in Indonesia Asia.

The Vision:
To provide all of your dreams to be tangible ideas and trips management by do some great activities of adventure vacations, we combine helping locals to meet with you as one of all new worldwide friends. providing an idea to sniff the gorgeous of Lombok excellent Nature Island for your new unforgettable experience and provides an idea to make your family or related closer for your fortune future.

Product & Services:
Provide you travel packages, cars, hotels, guides, culinary meals, beyond Lombok packages with hotels reservations and services, for your unforgettable experience of adventure and vacations travel in Lombok trough beyond.
Guide Staffs:
We provide you all local experts guides, in average have over than 17 years experienced in travel administration management and guiding guests in Lombok and beyond. That will guarantee about the real information about Lombok Island in detail, fun, safe, and exception as your dream. You will glad to met us
Office Location:
We open our office in one of main resort in Lombok Island; detail of our address is:



Head Office:
Jl. Pariwisata Senaru - Bayan. Kec. Bayan Lombok Utara, NTB - Indonesia, Post code : 83354
Phone / SMS : +62(0)81803652874




Calling from Indonesia Area



Mr. Rudy Mobile Phone / SMS


+ 62-81803652874 or 081803652874 (Inside Indonesia)


Electronic Mails:

Business, Information


rudytrekker@yahoo.com, info@rudytrekker.com

Booking & Inquiries


rudytrekker@yahoo.com, reservations@rudytrekker.com




Opening Time:
We open from 08.00am to 17.00pm at Monday trough Saturday, Sunday from 08.00am to 11.30pm. Local time: +8 hours forward GMT
Rudi with Rudy trekker, a creative travel adventures would LOVE to help planning your next Lombok and beyond vacation.
Rudi are Lombok tour and adventure Specialist, has special travel product, and service that specializing in island adventures, eco tourism, Rinjani volcano trekking, beach weddings, and scuba vacations to the islands of Lombok. They has traveled to many of the Lombok and beyond islands and stayed at numerous resorts throughout Lombok and beyond.
Please send your vacation inquiries, Rudi will contact you with great vacation planning for you in Lombok Island. Rudi passion for travel has leaded him to such exotic destinations as Lombok Island, Komodo Island, Borneo, and numerous cruise vacations in Indonesia.
Rudy trekker Agent provides you Adventures were formed to provide "personalized" customer service for individuals, couples or groups that value the services of a travel professional.

Professional Designations:
Has more than 16 years experience in doing and handling Lombok and Beyond Adventure, also since the year of 1990 have experience in handling and serve inbound travel to all over Indonesia travel destinations.






Jl. Pariwisata Senaru - Bayan. Kec. Bayan Lombok Utara, NTB - Indonesia
Post code : 83354
Phone / SMS : +62(0)81803652874
Email :
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